Ranger Chocolate in Portland

For only being in operation for 4 years, Ranger Chocolate has reached the point where it makes an average of 180 pounds of chocolate a week. 120 pounds of that go into bars.  Their market is primarily in Portland, Seattle, and Olympia. However you can find it in select coffee shops , speciality shops, and grocery markets in Brooklyn, New York City, Wisconsin, and a few other places.

One reason for this is they, by choice, have no distributer yet.  The other reason is that Patrick, originally from Chicago, likes to be hands on. He is involved with all parts of the business, from working with growers in Peru, to hand wrapping (a former graphic designer, he designed the wrapper).

Ranger ages their beans (criollo and trinitario) and chocolate from one to three months.  He does a light roast. The final product has no added cacao butter, and is conched for 24 hours. He is soon going to be using Haitian beans as well.
If you visit his Portland operation try his business partner's coffee with your favorite Ranger bar.

Ranger Chocolate in Portland has a new 100% bar. You can enjoy a cup of coffee ,and chocolates which are made on the on site. Visitors can see some of the chocolate plant through windows.