Hollywood first use of chocolate as an erotic cinematic symbol. Jean Harlow in the 1935 film DINNER AT EIGHT. The chocolate box was specially designed for the film. Chocolate was long known as "the love drug," thanks to its serotonin and hundreds of other compounds. It was the first mind altering substance encountered by the Spanish and other Europeans. Chocolate was also a favorite of Casanova, Goethe, Sherlock Holmes, and many others real and fictional.


Advertising was a critical ingredient in the growth of chocolate. The Valentine's Day and the candy box was invented by Cadbury. This partial view of a chocolate trading card represents one of the advertising pieces used in the late 18th Century.


The Chinese style Imari porcelain cup was used for drinking chocolate in the 17th Century. The Japanese were making export porcelain chocolate sets as early as the 1640s.


 I have not even tried this one yet. So if you have let me know what you think. This British 3.5 ounce bar is 100% cocoa solids (93 % chocolate liquor with 7% cacao nibs.). I assume that there is none of the dreaded (at least by me) unidentified vegetable, or other oil, that can be up to 5% according to EU regulations. I will tell more after I have given it a tasting along with friends.


Royal Dark is made by bean to bar maker Cacao Parlor in Laguna Niguel (I plan on visiting them). I especially enjoyed the 75% Night Train with cacao nibs. Creamy , fruity, and a good combination. The 85% is a step up to less sugar- which I like. Well worth a try. I may mix the two in my next hot chocolate, and even add some good dark rum from Martinique.


This 70% is true to the beans origins with a soft but ripe fruity taste. Very enjoyable. The wrapper information notes that the bar is even produced in Madagascar. Most commendable given how few of the countries that grow the beans do their own production. Give it a try.